Innovation Showcase Session: F5 DoD Solutions for Privileged User Access and the Essentials of SSL Visibility

  • Room: Innovation Showcase Theater, 2200 Aisle
Wednesday, February 22, 2017: 10:30 AM - 11:50 AM


Bill Church
Senior Security Specialist Engineer
F5 Networks


In this WEST Innovation Session you will learn about: CAC enabling SSH administrative resources such as routers and switches can be a challenge as PKI is not natively supported with these systems. Learn how F5 can help provide clientless multi-factor, password-less authentication to these systems quickly and efficiently. SSL is everywhere, learn how F5 solutions allow visibility into this “invisible” traffic and enable greater situational awareness.
Privileged User: topics for discussion
•Securing one of the most difficult aspects of the DoD Cybersecurity Discipline Implementation Plan
•CAC / PIV multi-factor auth to routers and switches (Strong Authentication)
•Ephemeral authentication technique to CAC enable resources that can traditionally use only username and password
•Consolidating auditing and logging of privileged user environments
SSL Visibility: topics for discussion
•F5 security update: SSL trends, SSL Projected Growth in 2017, forms of attack, and how F5 can help mitigate those
•Learn the differences behind SSL Offload, SSL Intercept, and SSL Break and Inspect
•Performance impact with SSL and how F5 solves the problem
•SSL Intercept techniques to leverage third party security vendors for deeper packet inspection
•The importance of FIPS 140-2, and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)
•Best Practices for building SSL/TLS designs to mitigate web-based Application attacks
•Use case Review: Break and inspect SSL enabled traffic